Rivers and fresh water lakes comprise less than 1% of the water of our earth. Approximately 97% of the earth’s water is salt water; and of the remaining 3%, most is either frozen in icebergs and polar areas or buried underground. Only about .3% of the earth’s water is available fresh water, and yet it is vital for life in so many ways. Our bodies are approximately 60 percent water, our brains are about 70 percent water, and our lungs are nearly 90 percent water. Each day, our bodies must replace about 2.5 quarts of water — through what we eat and drink.

Life-sustaining rivers run through the Bible, from the early chapters of Genesis to the last chapter of Revelation. When you read of a river in the Scriptures, God is there – doing something! For God’s grace also flows throughout the Bible.God created rivers before she created life in Genesis 2.  God invites us to jump into the river of God’s grace that renews and cares for all God’s creation.

Our care for the rivers of our earth are part of our spiritual service, part of presenting our bodies to God, part of following Jesus! Perhaps you and I can be among those who show that we don’t really need the national average of 2,000 gallons of water a day to support a good lifestyle!,

As I perused the suggestions online of how to help protect our rivers, they seemed to fall into 3 categories:
– USING LESS WATER by installing low-flow shower heads and toilets, taking short showers, fixing water leaks, running dishwaters and washing machines only with full loads, recycling, eating less meat (especially beef, which uses hundreds of gallons of water per pound), and planting more native plants
– ADDING LESS NUTRIENTS that choke out the oxygen supply of the waters by using less fertilizers, not using garbage disposals, composting, and cleaning up after our dogs
– KEEPING POISONS OUT OF THE WATER by being careful not to allow paint, oil, chemical cleaners, old medicines and the like down our drains, using plants or gravel around streams or areas of run-off, maintaining cars well to prevent leaking oils, antifreeze and coolant from getting into streams, washing cars at a car wash, where the soapy dirty water is required to drain into the sewer system instead of into storm drains, and becoming involved in encouraging others, especially corporations, to do their part in not polluting or exploiting the waters