Racial Justice

Lamenting the devastating impacts of racism in the United States, claiming ways that our actions can and do perpetuate unjust systems, and seeking to engage our communities in ways that undo the racialization of American society are priorities that flow from FMC’s commitment to following Jesus. A group called “FMC Works for Racial Justice” advocates locally for fair housing practices and restorative justice initiatives. Contact us for more information.

Download (PDF) a list of  Suggested Readings and FIlms for Continuing Conversations on the Topic of Race.

FMC supports efforts led by the Champaign Community Coalition, including viewings and discussions of the film Racial Taboo. The film was shown at FMC on March 4, 2018.

A January 28, 2018 workshop at FMC generated tools for “Resisting Marginalization.” Read how we explored the impacts of white privilege and ways of responding (PDF) to speech that discriminates or demeans others.

See a partial resource list used by our congregation (PDF) during a series of 2015-16 Living Room Conversations on Racism.