Council had two meetings before our world dramatically changed. Covid 19 forced us to move to Zoom meetings as we tried to finalize our Priorities and Questions in this new world of pandemic.  The Pastors, Council and committees continue to work on the First Priority as we shelter in faith and continue to worship and meet the needs of the congregation during this pandemic.

And then our world dramatically changed again.  We witnessed the murder of George Floyd, mass demonstrations and police brutality.  The Black Lives Matter Movement gained momentum and many members off FMC attended rallies.  I read a conversation between Frank Scoffield Nellessen and Eric Schnitger, “Reflections on Protesting and Faith” on MCUSA’s website. I was impressed by a question that Frank posed: “Will we cry out in lament with black communities for 8:46 minutes and be moved to action for a few weeks, or will we cry and act with them for the rest of our lives?  This might be resurrection.”  This speaks to Council’s third Question.

I encourage you to also consider the letter, the Bring the Peace Initiative and the challenge of Glen Guyton, MCUSA Executive Director, encouraging congregations to engage in more costly peacemaking.

Earl Kellogg shared on Sunday three things that Christians should attend to during this time, as suggested by AMBS: knowing, doing, and being. He added that these three things, along with listening and understanding, could be used to move us forward.  I believe that Council’s Priorities and Questions can be used to move FMC forward in these difficult times.

Please take time to review these Priorities and Questions. And enjoy Rhonda’s beautiful graphic design depictions of them.  I invite you and urge you to consider how you can help advance these priorities in the coming year.

Please contact me or any Council member if you have questions about our work.

In Peace.
Karen McKenzie, 2020 FMC Council Chair