Centering chimes

Lighting of the solidarity lamp
–Symbolic of our Sister Church relationship with El Divino Redentor

Prelude  “Holy Ground”

Call to worship

We invite the land to worship with us:
wildflowers and mysterious mushrooms, swirling grasses and goldenrods.
We invite the farmlands to sing with us:
wheat fields, orchards, and vineyards, hay fields, gardens, and wetlands.
We join with all the fauna of the fields in praising God:
horses, sheep, and cattle, grass snakes and grasshoppers, eagles and crows.
We invite the ground to stir deep below:
life-giving microbes restoring the soil, beetles and worms preparing our food.
We celebrate the song of the soil!
Sing, soil, sing!

Green songbook #18 – Over my head

Welcome & prayer

Virtual Passing the Peace (break-out groups)

Hymnal #160 – God created heaven & earth

Children’s story
– Song “Let the children come to me”
– NEW Children’s offering,  September – February, will benefit Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) in two ways: 1) To purchase supplies to help finish 5 comforters that the FMC quilting group is giving to MCC and 2) direct contributions to MCC as it celebrates its centennial year in 2020. Contributing to the comforter project and MCC will support displaced people around the world. Since 1920, MCC has shared God’s love and compassion by responding to basic human needs; comforters are one tangible sign of God’s love. 
– All households are invited to set out a basket and gather an offering weekly. Donations may be sent to the FMC office at any time or can be made online (select children’s offering in “To” box)

Creation Testimony – “LAND” by Lincoln Morris

Scripture – Psalm 139:7-10; Luke 10:25-29

Sermon – “Humans are nature”
      Guest preacher Rev. Brian Sauder, Faith in Place Executive Director

Hymnal #299 – New earth, heavens new

Congregational sharing & prayer

Meditative music  “As the deer”
In the absence of a weekly offering collection, reflect on how you are practicing and receiving generosity. Consider giving to First Mennonite Church by mailing a check, giving through your bank, or giving online.

Work of the church

Hymnal #434 – Thuma mina


Worship Leader – Pastors Michael and Deb
Sharing – Pastor Michael

Hymns – Andrea Welty Peachey
Prelude & meditation music – Jan Kellogg
Children’s Storyteller – Sharon Monday

Scripture – Laura Brenneman Fullwood
Sermon – Brian Sauder