Centering chimes

Lighting of the solidarity lamp
–Symbolic of our Sister Church relationship with El Divino Redentor

Prelude – “Let all creation cry”

Call to worship

the universe is singing.
Silver whispers from star to star,
the roar of the golden sun,
the blue Earth’s dance in the darkness.




the great drum, the solemn sea,
pulsing under the moon,
the heartbeat of the sleeping land,
the crackle and snap of air

the living creatures are singing:
each little life lifts its voice,
sings, swells and stutters to a stop,
passes its song to children’s children.

we who have ears to hear, and the gift of speech,
love the song, gather it up and sing it.
Brings words of worship and wonder,
sing for the sun and stars,
sing for the earth and all its creatures.
Tell out, shout — the beauty  and the bounty of it!
Sing creation’s song to the Creator!


–“Silver Whispers” by Marnie Barrell 

Purple songbook #116 – I saw a tree by the riverside

Welcome & prayer

Virtual Passing the Peace (break-out groups)

Hymnal #224 – The kingdom of God

Children’s story
– Song “Let the children come to me”
– The Children’s Fall/Winter offering benefits Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) as it celebrates its centennial year in 2020.
All households are invited to set out a basket and gather an offering weekly. Donations may be sent to the FMC office at any time or can be made online (select children’s offering in “To” box)

Forest Testimony – Tom & Kathy Anderson

Scripture – Genesis 2:4-9

First tree parable

Scripture – Isaiah 55:6-13

Second tree parable

Scripture – Judges 9:8-15

Third tree parable

Scripture – Jeremiah 17:5-8

Fourth tree parable


Green songbook #88 – Haleluya! Pelo tsa rona

Pet blessing

Congregational sharing & prayer

Meditative music – “Andante” from Cello Sonata in G Minor, by Sergei Rachmaninoff
In the absence of a weekly offering collection, reflect on how you are practicing and receiving generosity. Consider giving to First Mennonite Church by mailing a check, giving through your bank, or giving online.

Work of the church

Hymnal #509 – The Tree of Life (sung to tune “Just as I am, without one plea”, also known as “O Waly Waly”)


Worship Leader, Tree parables & Sharing – Pastor Michael
Scripture – Embodied Scripture participants: Rebecca Bare, Mary BIddle, Cindy Breeze & Chuck Gibson

Hymns – Matt Yoder
Piano – Pastor Deb
Prelude – Pastor Deb
editation music – John Trimmer
Children’s Storyteller – Leslie Deem

Communion – Pastor Michael and Rosalee Otto (FMC elder)