The worship service will stream live at First Mennonite’s youtube channel beginning at 9:15 on Sunday, March 29th.

To join the live stream via zoom or telephone, call or text a pastor.


Centering chimes

The lighting of the solidarity lamp
–Symbolic of our Sister Church relationship with El Divino Redentor


Hymnal #259   “When I survey the wondrous cross”

Welcome & prayer

Call to worship

Source of all hope and peace, we gather this morning to be church.  We are distant from each other but not from your loving presence.

Bless each of us wherever we are that we may choose justice by your Spirit, draw kindness from the well of your mercy, and walk humbly in your path, O God. We trust in you, O Lord, our Home and our Provider.


Green songbook #80   “Christ be near at either hand”

Confession & Assurance (based on Ezekiel 37:14 & Psalm 130)

Leader: The Lord proclaims, “I will put my Spirit within you, and you shall live, and
I will place you on your own soil; then you shall know that I, the Lord, have spoken and will act.”

People: God, You called us to life in the Spirit, yet we seek to satisfy ourselves.  Though we call you gracious, we practice greed.  We praise you with our lips, but do not honor you with our lives. Discontent consumes us as we yearn for still more things. Yet we know that to live in you promises the inheritance of new life.

All: Merciful God, we return to you. Our souls wait for you, more than those who watch for morning. In you there is steadfast love and great power to redeem. You are the way and the truth and the life. You restore us and free us for joyful obedience.

Children’s offering & story
– The current children’s offering benefits Randolph Street Community Gardens
– All households are invited to set out a basket and gather an offering weekly
– Click to download this week’s child activity pages

Scripture: Matthew 27:32-66

Scripture drama by Doug Malcolm

Sermon (Pastor Michael)

Hymnal #257  “Were you there” (verses 1-4)

Congregational sharing & prayer

Meditative music (Pastor Deb)

In the absence of a weekly offering collection, reflect on how you are practicing and receiving generosity. Consider giving to First Mennonite Church by mailing a check, giving through your bank, or giving online.

Work of the church

Hymnal #377   “Healer of our every ill”