Christian Education Activities for July 26 Worship; Matthew 18:23-35


Centering chimes

Lighting of the solidarity lamp
–Symbolic of our Sister Church relationship with El Divino Redentor

Prelude   “Polish Folk Song”

Call to worship

Let my whole being bless the Lord!
Let everything inside me bless God’s holy name!

The Lord is compassionate and merciful,
very patient, and full of faithful love.

As high as heaven is above the earth,
that’s how large God’s faithful love is for those who honor them.

As far as east is from west—
that’s how far God has removed our sin from us.

All God’s creatures, everywhere, throughout God’s kingdom
bless the Lord!

With my whole being I bless the Lord!

Green songbook #2 – Come, walk with us (Hamba nathi)

Welcome & prayer

Virtual Passing the Peace (break-out groups)

Green songbook #16 – Praise with joy the world’s Creator

Children’s story
– Song “Let the children come to me”
– The children’s offering through August benefits Randolph Street Community Gardens
– All households are invited to set out a basket and gather an offering weekly. Donations may be sent to the FMC office at any time or can be made online (select children’s offering in “To” box)

Scripture: Matthew 18:23-35


Hymnal #145 – There’s a wideness in God’s mercy

Congregational sharing & prayer
– Menno mugging for John Trimmer and Baraka & Shannon Kasali

Faith and Arts Sunday school Reflections

Meditative music   “In a sentimental mood” by Duke Ellington
In the absence of a weekly offering collection, reflect on how you are practicing and receiving generosity. Consider giving to First Mennonite Church by mailing a check, giving through your bank, or giving online.

Work of the church

Green songbook #97 – The Lord is my light


Worship Leader – Pastor Deb
Song leader & piano – Pastor Deb
Prelude – Pete Shungu
Meditation music – Pete Shungu & Pam Pena Martin
Children’s Storyteller – Sharon Monday
Scripture Reader – Keith Springer
Sermon & sharing – Pastor Michael