Note: All hymns are from the new Voices Together hymnal

PART 1: ONLINE                  

Centering chimes

Lighting of the Solidarity lamp
Symbolic of our Sister Church relationship with IELEDIR (formerly EDR)

Prelude – Siciliano from Flute Sonata #2 E Flat by J.S. Bach

Hymn #30: Jesus Calls Us

Welcome & prayer

(in-person & zoom)

Responsive Reading (Psalm 23 – Inclusive Bible)

Leader: YHWH, you are my shepherd – I want nothing more.


People: You let me lie down in green meadows;


Leader: You lead me beside restful waters;


People: You refresh my soul.


Leader: You guide me to lush pastures for the sake of your Name.


People: Even if I’m surrounded by shadows of Death, I fear no danger, for you are with me.


Leader: Your rod and your staff – they give me courage.


People: You spread a table for me in the presence of my enemies,


Leader: And you anoint my head with oil – my cup overflows! 


People: Only goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life,


ALL: And I will dwell in your house, YHWH, for days without end.

Scripture Reading: 2 Samuel 7:1-14a & Ephesians 2:11-22

Sharing in Small Groups
– Note: Please text Pastors Michael or Deb items to share with the entire congregation later in the service, or be prepared to type them into the zoom chat during sharing time.

PART 3: ONLINE (all on zoom)

Children’s Story
– Song “Let the children come to me”
– The children’s offering benefits Crisis Nursery in Champaign. The organization’s mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect by providing 24-hour emergency care for children and support to families in crisis. Donations may be sent to the FMC office at any time or can be made online (select children’s offering in “To” box)


Meditation Music – Be Still My Soul
In the absence of a weekly offering collection, reflect on how you are practicing and receiving generosity. Consider giving to First Mennonite Church by mailing a check, giving through your bank, or giving online.

– Gather bread/cracker and juice at home for the virtual celebration

Sharing & Prayer

Work of the Church

Hymn #539 – God Speaks to Us in Bird & Song 


Worship Leader- Pastor Deb
Prelude & Meditation – Pastor Deb (piano) & Mary Krick (flute)
Hymns – Matt Yoder
Children’s Story – Melissa Shungu

Sermon – Kasja Herrstrom
Sharing – Pastor Michael
Technician – Phil Martens