Council & Committees

FMC’s leadership structure and decision-making process are detailed in our FMC Organizational Guidelines (PDF).


Church Council

Sheryl Dyck, Chair
Sam Cox, Chair-elect
Kathy Springer, Elder
Rudy Moyer-Litwiler, Elder
Lesley Deem, Council member
Doug Malcolm, Council member
Kaye Massanari, Council member
Michael Crosby, Pastor, ex-officio
Debra Sutter, Associate Pastor, ex-officio
Rebecca Moyer, Treasurer, ex-officio

Spiritual Leadership Team

Pastor Michael, Convener
Pastor Debra
Kathy Springer, Elder
Rudy Moyer-Litwiler, Elder
Sheryl Dyck, Council Chair

Christian Education

Bruce Miller, Convener
Lesley Deem, Council Representative
Rhonda Gibson
Bonnie Schneider
Pastor Michael, Staff Liaison

Hospitality and Fellowship

Abby Crosby, Convener
Bev Hertle
Mary Hines
Denny Seaman
Tom Sutter
Pastor Debra, Council Rep & Staff Liaison

Library Committee

Rosalee Otto, Convener
Sarah Little
Jan Sabey
Pastor Michael, Staff Liaison

Pastoral Support Committee

Marcia E Nelson, Committee Chair
Sheryl Dyck, Council Chair
Sam Cox, Council chair-elect

Property and Finance

Chuck Gibson, Convener
Perry Biddle
Scott Bidner
Clark Breeze
Emily King (special projects only)
Phil Martens
Marlin Sieber
Rebecca Moyer, Treasurer
Pastor Michael, Council Rep & Staff Liaison

Service and Outreach

Randy Nelson, Convener
Kaye Massanari, Council Representative
Karen McKenzie
Beth Rempe
Cindi Schieber
Pastor Michael, Staff Liaison

Worship Committee

Tammie Bouseman, Convener
Danielle Beard
Mary Krick
Doug Malcolm, Council Representative
Pastor Debra, Staff Liaison

Youth (6-12 grades) Sponsors/teachers

Mary Biddle, Sam Cox & Jon Welty Peachey

Colombia Sister Church

Earl Kellogg, Convener

Green Team

Bob Hudson, Convener

FMC Racial Justice Working Group

Pastor Michael, Convener

2022 FMC Appointments

Arthur Relief Sale Liaison: Cynthia Nafziger
Church photographer:  Bruce Miller
Everence Advocate: Keith Springer
FMC Apartment Building Liaison: Bob Hudson
FMC Health Advocate*: Sheryl Dyck
FMC Historian: Rebecca Bare
Food Pantry Coordinator: Reba King
Friedenswald Camp Representative: Rebecca Bare
Liaison with CIMIC: Pastor Michael
Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) representative: Emerson Nafziger
Menno Haven Camp Representative: Tom Sutter
Mennonite College Scholarship: Bob King
Sound System Coordinator: Phil Martens
The Vine (FMC newsletter): Cindi Schieber (editor) & Rhonda Gibson (Layout & Production)

*The FMC Health Advocate is a volunteer role in which Sheryl, as she is able, is available to discuss or answer questions about health concerns and walk with people who have health issues or are seeking medical care.